a stump grinder in the process of removing a stump, a corn field is visible in the background and blue sky with a few clouds

Fast & efficient tree stump removal service for all of Durham and nearby areas.

Improve the look and function of your property by removing that old tree stumps. Stump removal is the process of removing a stump from the ground using a machine called a stump grinder. We utilize a variety of stump grinding machines; but the machine we use primarily is a 4-wheel drive Calton SP4012 featuring turf tires which do not damage lawns. We are able to access most backyards via 36” wide gates.

With over 5 years providing stump removal services, and 8 years in the tree service industry you can depend the stump removal experts from StumpTech to provide fast, professional service.

No Job is Too Big

Our crew is able to handle large stump removal jobs quickly and efficiently. Our team will remove all of your stumps, allowing you to get to work repurposing your land for whatever need you see fit.

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“Matt and his team were great […] highly recommended!” – Susan P – Mississauga, ON

Why Choose StumpTech?

StumpTech is your #1 choice for Durham stump removal service.

  • Customer satisfaction is our top-priority
  • 5+ years experience
  • Gauranteed workmanship – we grind to the depth we say we will
  • Fully insured with up to $5,000,000 public liability
  • Ability to service all stump removal needs (we use a variety of machines)
stump tech grinder is visible in the foreground after removing many stumps in the middle of a forest or wooded Ontario area

Stump Removal Pricing

a pile of mulched stumps is visible in the foreground with a stump grinder and remaining stumps in the backgroundOur service is very affordable and we create a custom quote based upon the needs of each specific job. Our team has been working in the tree service industry for nearly a decade and we use our experience to determine the cost of each job. Pricing varies and takes into consideration a number of factors including:

  • Tree stump hardness
  • Width of the stump
  • Depth the stump needs to be ground
  • Access to the stump

To give an accurate quote it helps us to know what you intend to use the cleared land for; will you be laying sod? Replanting in the same spot? Pouring concrete? This information will help us to determine the work necessary to achieve your goals.

StumpTech has a minimum rate of $175 (+HST) for any work we carry out. This is not simply a call out fee. For example, if you have two medium sized stumps that we can access easily the cost may only be our minimum rate.

For all of your Durham stump removal needs, contact StumpTech for a free consultation

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